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Meet our  Founder Holly Heartso

I have spent the last 17 years in the software industry shepherding ideas and experiments from discovery and brainstorming, through the software development lifecycle and to implementation.


My sweet spot is building out structure around a project in its infancy and creating a roadmap and leading the project to completion. I excel at helping development teams build out a backlog and implement processes that make them as effective as possible. I’ve been working with globally dispersed teams since before it was cool and understand the complexities of keeping information flowing as we chase the sun developing solutions. 


The foundation of my success lies in my passion for working with my clients to design and execute a strategy for effective, scalable, end-to-end business solutions. This allows me to draw on my strengths in relationship building, strategic planning, and creative problem-solving.


My foundational values of trust, growth, innovation, customer success, and having fun on the teams I am a part of help me to bring new energy, fresh ideas and excitement, while guiding clients to achieve their full potential. 

Image by Jason Goodman


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